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Terms of services for vendors

Platform policy for Vendors

For the purpose of this Platform Policy (hereinafter referred to as this "Policy"), wherever the context so requires, "you" and "your" shall relate to any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a vendor/seller on the (the "Website"). The word "Customer" shall mean a buyer who places an order on the Website, and the terms "Orderocks" "we", "us" and "our" shall mean OrdeRocks.  

We at Orderocks give customer satisfaction the highest priority and expect our vendors to support us in delighting our users and Customers. As a vendor, whilst selling on (the "Website"), you are expected to deliver prompt and efficient service to ensure that the Customer's experience of shopping on the Website is a delightful one. In addition to the terms and conditions detailed in our vendor / seller agreements with individual vendor/sellers, we have the following expectations from you: 

      1. Order Fulfillment and Timely Shipments (if applicable) 

  1. You are expected to process orders received from the Customers through the Website in a timely manner and provide the same to the Customers within the stipulated timelines failing which the order shall be cancelled for non-fulfillment. 
  2. Once the products are ready/available with you, you shall be required to get all products ready for pick-up or ship (if applicable) to the Customer within the stipulated time period provided in the vendor agreement. It is hereby reiterated that time is of the essence for this step of the process. 
  3. If the products are not fulfilled within the stipulated timelines, the order shall be cancelled, and the amount paid by the Customer will be refunded. 
  4. You shall be responsible for all costs incurred to process the order. 
  5. In the event of cancellation of an order due to non-fulfillment of an order or delay in shipment of the product on your part, we shall be entitled to charge our commission/service fee in respect of such cancelled order in consideration for the services provided by us to facilitate such order, and such commission / service fees shall, at our sole discretion, be adjusted against subsequent remittances, or independently claimed from you. 
  6. Any failure to adhere to the timelines for fulfillment of an order or timely shipment of the products will be considered to be non-performance on your part, and repeated non-performance may lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website. 
  7. In addition to the above, you shall be liable to indemnify us for any cancellation/ non-fulfillment of an order. 
  1. Item Quality/Damaged Item Received 
  1. In addition to the covenants and warranties provided by you under the Agreement, you should ensure that the items being sold to Customers are of high quality and in good working condition. 
  2. You agree not to deliver to Customer any Unsuitable Product. Customer through us may return or dispose of or destroy any Unsuitable Product and you will be deemed to have consented to an action. For the purpose of this policy, the term "Unsuitable Product" means a product (a) that is defective, damaged, or lacking required label(s), (b) that does not conform to the standards and the quality control checklist shared by us, or (d) that we determine to be unsuitable. 
  3. We will be responsible for and have sole discretion regarding all customer service issues relating to products being sold to the Customers except for the pre-fulfillment replacement / refund scenarios mentioned in the respective vendor agreement. We will have the right to determine on your behalf, whether a Customer will receive a refund or replacement for any product, and the same will be recorded on your performance dashboard. 
  4. Any refunds to Customers as a result of Unsuitable Products being delivered to them shall, at our sole discretion, be adjusted against subsequent remittances to be made to you, or independently claimed from you. It is clarified any order that subsequently leads to a refund, shall still entitle us to charge the commission / service fee to you. 
  5. Repeated complaints from Customers with regard to the same product or type of product may result in discontinuation of the listing of that particular product or type of product on the Website, and disciplinary action against you including temporary or permanent suspension of your selling privileges on the Website. 
  1. Vendor/Seller Remittance 
  1. You hereby understand that payment for the consummated orders shall be remitted to your account within T+15 days, wherein: 

  "T" for online payment transactions and delivery transactions 

  Shall mean the date on which the first   order is fulfilled by you 

  1. Remittances shall be processed every 15 days, excluding any public holidays and or natural disasters, pandemic(s), epidemic(s) barring the transaction processing, the remittances shall be processed by adding subsequent working day(s). 
  2. All remittances shall be processed after applying / off setting all adjustments due from your account. 
  3. Customer Returns and Refunds 
  1. You hereby agree to accept delivery of products: 
    1. that are not delivered successfully or returned by Customers as being Unsuitable Products and/or incomplete or incorrect products; 
    2. in respect of which the orders are cancelled by Customers prior to it being fulfilled and/or shipped. 
  2. In the event the Customers are provided with refunds for the reasons mentioned hereinabove, we shall, at our sole discretion, be entitled to set off the amounts payable to us (including our commission/service charge) against subsequent remittances to you, or independently claim the same from you. 
  1. Monthly Vendor Evaluation:  



 Penalty and Incentives 


Non-fulfillment of orders, delays, or rejection at quality check stage. 

 5% (five percent) penalty on the cost of items if the overall issues   (quality check rejections, delayed shipments, cancellations) exceed 5%   (five percent) of orders. In case of the defect rate being greater than   10%  (ten percent), you could face potential de-listing from the Website. 




Credit card charges (No Commission)

The payment processing charges are 3% of order total. We do not make anything out of payment processing fees, these are directly charged by payment provider. Soon these charges will be lower based on the volume we process monthly.


Delivery Charges (No commission)

1. Vendors who are ready to deliver on their own, can setup their delivery charges which they will get it back with payment.

2. for local deliveries we have tie up with a delivery partner, customer will have to pay the delivery charges applicable based on distance. 

3. We don't charge any commission on Delivery charges.