How to cook

Direction of use / Instruction - 

  1. QR code for detailed Instruction and making video for better understanding.
  2. This 200 gm masala prepares almost 7-8 Lb of biryani which serves -5-6 adults.
  3. Get ready to cook the best Biryani you have ever cooked.
    1. Preparation :
      1. Soak 1Lb long Basmati Rice at room temperature for 4-5 hours and thaw Express Biryani masala to room temperature.
      2. Add around 2 lb vegetables/ chicken / 70% cooked Goat(Lamb) to Express Biryani masala and add one cup of water / stock. (Chicken may leave some water while getting cooked so add water accordingly )
    2. Rice cooking-
      1. Boil around 2.5 liters of water with whole spices (cloves, cinnamon, bay leaved, green cardamom, salt 3 tsp, lime juice, some mint and cilantro). Add soaked rice to boiling water.
      2. Add three layers of 30% -70%  and 100% cooked rice on top of the masala evenly spread about 1/3rd in each layer.
    3. Cooking Instruction -
      1. Use a pot for Biryani making around 5 liter /Quarts capacity, Seal the lid with silver foil or dough or keep some heavy weight on lid to contain the steam.
      2. Cook On high flame for 3-5 min and then cook on low to medium flame direct or indirect for 15-20 min for Vegetable and chicken biryani and 20-25 min for Goat (Lamb) biryani.
      3. Let it rest for at least 20 mins before opening the Lid.
    4. Chef Special Instruction :
      1. Add some chopped cilantro, mint and Fried Onion on each rice layer for nice flavors
      2. Mix some saffron in little hot milk and add it on top of rice
      3. Add 1-2 spoon pure ghee on top of the rice.
      4. If some water is still left after opening the biryani, cook for some more time on high flame until water evaporates.