Street Food Corner

Step into a world of culinary diversity and vibrant flavors with our Street Food Corner category. From bustling marketplaces to hidden gems around the globe, we've curated an eclectic selection of street foods that capture the essence of authenticity and taste.

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Bheemavaram - Bajji Mixture

Spice it up with a delicious mixture with puffed rice, onion, mirchi bajji, tomatoes, and green chillies.

Andheri Aloo Tikki Chaat

Simple and tasty street food prepared with potato patties or tikki with chick peas, chutneys and assorted spices

Katori Chaat

Edible baskets made from all purpose four and then filled with chaat ingredients like boiled potatoes, spicy and sweet chutneys - topped with yogurt and a gentle sprinkle of chaat masala

Pav Bhaji

Mixed vegetables and potatoes with curry sauce. Served with pav (bun) tossed in butter.

Paradise Special - Chilli Chaat

Small fried puf of fat bread filled with Yogurt and a combination of vegetables and spices

Mysore Bonda

Fried dumplings made with four, yogurt and spices.

Egg Bonda

Street style snack made with hard-boiled eggs smeared with spicy batter and fried to crispy

Mumbai Makhana Chaat

Delicious sweet and tangy chaat prepared with makhana (puffed lotus seeds/fox nuts), topped with onions, tomatoes, chutneys, and garnish with sev.

Poha Chaat / Chivda

Crunchy savory snack made with attened rice, curry leaves and spices

Bandra Samosa Chaat

Classic Indian street food typically consumed as evening snack. Cooked somosas are crumbled and mixed with chickpeas, spices, assortment of chutneys, garnished with coriander leaves.

Tharavi Bhel Poori

Delicious snack made with pued rice, sev, vegetables and your favourite chutney

Sev Poori

Specialty chaat that originated from Pune (Maharashtra) looks like canape with crispy fried four discs topped with flavorful condiments, veggies, herbs and spices