About us

Orderocks is a complete multi-vendor end-to-end Shopping solution supporting all Indian businesses across the USA. All types of Indian Businesses like Grocery stores, Restaurants, Parlors, Realtors, Attorneys, etc.

We are driven by a vision that every Indian business and service provider should reach its maximum potential. We are facilitating all businesses to have their E-commerce platform which will help them to reach all the new and existing customers. Orderocks platform offers retailers and service providers to have their personal space on websites which can be customized based on their business needs.


  • Community Serving 
  • Online Grocery
  • Know The Customer 


  • Diversity  
  • Integrity 
  • Respect 
  • Honesty
  • Spiritual Connect 

 Who We Are:

Orderocks is a local (soon to be global) commerce marketplace that connects buyers and sellers in geography to locally source their needs. We exist to enable economic opportunity for businesses and individuals to be part of the demand and supply chain. Our portfolio includes Orderocks Marketplace for selling & buying goods. We also offer a personalized marketplace for businesses expecting to grow on their own.

 Why We Are :

Orderocks has picked up the onus to personalize shopping for customer's needs and desires binding to their culture. Personalization is not a niche demand but a pervasive and deep need given the diversity in cultures. Orderocks has cracked the code on doing it to scale with the use of knowledge of cultural needs and E-Commerce nuances. Orderocks feels as if the future is here and we are giving our best to innovate as we go..!!